Below is a sampling of maps documenting New York City bookstores, 1820-1860.

Maps created in ArcGIS. The historical base map is an 1845 Samuel Breese map of New York City accessed through David Rumsey’s online map collection and georeferenced in ArcGIS. The street line base map created in ArcGIS using the Breese map.

New York City directories from 1820 to 1860 were the main data sources, supplemented by advertisements, bookseller’s tickets, and other ephemera. Entry collection focused on self-identified bookstores and booksellers with a business address. Booksellers also listing additional jobs–printer or stationer, for instance–were included, though entries listing only printer, stationer, or publisher were not. Location data was compiled in Excel before importing into ArcGIS. Once plotted using a contemporary address locator, individual entry locations were verified and corrected, if necessary, using a street directory/vade mecum (from the years 1840, 1845, and 1860).



  1820Concentration 1830Concentration